Inauguration of the South Brittany University Campus (UBS) in Gwened/Vannes (Brittany)…

On Friday October 4th local elected representatives celebrated the official inauguration of the new buildings of the Campus of Tohanig/Tohannic in Gwened/Vannes, welcoming the Faculty of Law, Economic Sciences and Management as well as the Institute of Nurse’s Training.

New monolingual signs (in french only) had also been erected on the whole campus for this occasion.

We had sent a letter last June to the management of the university to ask to develop our Breton language on the university’s sites in An Oriant/Lorient and Gwened/Vannes and to request an interview. We are still awaiting reply.

At the start of this school year, the “Breton” option site of An Oriant/Lorient was suspended by the direction of the languages in An Oriant/Lorient.

Ai’ta ! thus took advantage of this event to celebrate the inauguration in our own way

new signs ignoring the breton language


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