BOOM Ai’ta! – 8/06/2014

All on the roof of the Monts d’Arrée… June 8, 2014!

BOOM , For a real channel in our language !

We, Bretons, can have the media we need ! Youngsters or silver haired, we’re expecting you. And to have the time of your life, don’t forget to get dressed up to the 70…
Everyone on the rooftop of the Arrée, the 8 of july 2014 !
In 1974 the transmitter of Roc’h Tredudon was blew up in order to protest against the minor place of the breton language on screen.
40 years later, nothing has changed, but this appalling situation can not be bare anymore.
This is why we invite you to a great party where we will ask for having a real breton channel for every breton speakers.

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