Press Release : for a Reunified Brittany and breton in TV !

Since the beginning of the year Brittany has become the symbol of the growing anger in the hexagone. Events culminated last month with a 10,000-strong peaceful protest of Breton people on the streets of Nantes asking for the reunification of Brittany.

Brittany lost its former capital city and the department of Loire-Atlantique in 1941. The key is Nantes, which has been included in the artificial region of Pays de la Loire.

On june the 3rd President Hollande declares the redraw of the regional boundaries, still refuses the right for Brittany to be reunited with Nantes.

Last April the 19th, Ai’ta ! took part in the protest for the reunification in Nantes.

On Tuesday evening protesters for the reunification were welcomed by Hervé Bochet and Bernard Gagnet, respectively vice-president of the General council of Loire-Atlantique andgeneral councillor, but their requests about the unity and democracy in Brittany stayed unanswered.

Because a television in Breton makes sense only if the whole territory can assume it, because the public powers still refuse to hear what the Bretons need, the collective Ai’ta ! iterates its vow for the respect of the cultural and historical coherence of our country.

The creation of a real audio-visual media today (DTT, VOD, streaming…) with all the space that is due to the breton language and its speakers, broadcasted in all the five Breton departments is a crucial step for Brittany.

So, we inform the reunified Brittany will be the special guest of the BOOM Party to Roc’h Tredudon on the 8th june 2014. The two main associations “Bretagne réunie” and “44=BZH” which fight for the réunification of Brittany will be there.

We want this day to be the image of the great mobilisation that grows here since the beginning of the year for our rights.


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