19/09/2014 : Ai’ta! (Central Brittany) reinforces its presence, for more Breton

Boum Ai’ta! – great parade (June 2014)
© Véronique LE GOFF

PRESS RELEASE Ai’ta! Kreiz-Breizh (Central Brittany)

The collective Ai’ta! (go on! in Breton), which has been organizing the promotion and defense of the breton language in public life for almost 10 years, will hold its first meeting after summer recess on Friday, Sept. 19th, 7:30 PM, at the café and bookshop L’Autre Rive (Restidiou Vraz, in Berrien).

Very few cities are currently pursuing a pro-active policy as far as breton language is concerned. Most information signs are still in French only, the Ya d’ar Brezhoneg (Yes to the Breton language) charter has not yet been massively signed by Central Brittany mayors, that’s why it seems mandatory to us to reinforce our activity in the area.

The event will be a perfect occasion to get to know the Ai’ta! collective, how it operates, its main goals and means of action. An illustrated presentation will be followed by discussions and exchanges with a drink. Wherever you speak Breton or not, everyone is welcome.

This meeting will allow us to identify our scope, our priorities in Central Brittany, and to prepare our first action.

Ai’ta! has always pointed, as practically as possible, that the fate of our language is OUR RESPONSIBILITY. Elected representatives and corporate management have also a great influence regarding that matter.

Contact us: ai.ta.kreizh.breizh@gmail.com
Event: http://facebook.com/708269452619387/


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