University of South Brittany : symbolic action to ask for the right for the breton language to be seen and heard

In october 2013 the university of south Brittany (UBS) unveiled the new faculty of law’s building and the new monolingual signage of the Tohannic campus of Vannes. Its opening, with local representatives, has been a little disturbed by the presence of orange stickers « e brezhoneg » (in breton) which have been hanged on all around the place https://aita.bzh/?p=2685.

Despite a letter to the president, Jean Peeters, and a meeting between the regional council and a breton deputy, the breton language is still ignored on a departmental scale. In the Tohannic campus has been opened an optional course, “breton language and culture”, thanks to one student only… Meanwhile in the university of Lorient some speak about closing the breton option for September 2015…

The collective Ai’ta ! Bro Gwened led this symbolic action to ask for the right for the breton language to be seen and heard in the University of Morbihan, but also to demand the creation of a real degree in breton that could help a lot of future bilingual teachers.

Without such measures, we won’t have enough teachers and not enough pupils either. And it is with the four of the breton universities that the ESPE (the graduate school of teachings) now trains all the future teachers of Brittany. In Morbihan, there’s no public training in the university for the people who wants to become a bilingual teacher. It’s hard to go on with such gaps.

 After this action, we addressed to the president of the university the bill itemizing the cost of this first operation of bilingualisation.


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