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The breton language in the Cité de la Voile Eric Tabarly, Lorient : get out !

In may 2008 the “Cité de la voile Eric Tabarly” (museum of the modern sail) was inaugurated by Jean-Yves le Drian, the president of the Brittany Region. The museum was offering to the visitors the possibility to discover the modern sailing’s world in three languages (french, english, breton). The whole signalling into the museum, as […]


An advocate of the breton language charged with theft

Breton still figures among severely endangered languages in the Unesco Atlas of the World’s Languages in Danger, and yet, this language is an important matter for more of 80 % of the Breton people. Confronted with the inertness of public authorities, for many years citizens have had to campaign on their own for the survival […]


Interceltic festival of Lorient (Brittany) : symbolic action to ask for the right for our language to be recognized and learned

The breton language is in danger of death in the University of South Brittany (UBS). Meanwhile, prestigious universities such as Harvard and Oxford offer linguistic courses that includes the breton.The option « Breton and celtic civilisation » has been wiped off the map. Another option entitled « Breton language », set up during the creation […]


University of South Brittany : symbolic action to ask for the right for the breton language to be seen and heard

In october 2013 the university of south Brittany (UBS) unveiled the new faculty of law’s building and the new monolingual signage of the Tohannic campus of Vannes. Its opening, with local representatives, has been a little disturbed by the presence of orange stickers « e brezhoneg » (in breton) which have been hanged on all around the […]

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