19/09/2014 : Ai’ta! (Central Brittany) reinforces its presence, for more Breton

PRESS RELEASE Ai’ta! Kreiz-Breizh (Central Brittany) The collective Ai’ta! (go on! in Breton), which has been organizing the promotion and defense of the breton language in public life for almost 10 years, will hold its first meeting after summer recess on Friday, Sept. 19th, 7:30 PM, at the café and bookshop L’Autre Rive (Restidiou Vraz, […]


The « Great West » in France , or the death of the Breton language !

While french politicians and their allies are trying to sell us – or to impose us – the fusion of Brittany with the region Pays de la Loire to create in France a « Great West » with no soul, the collective Ai’ta ! insists on its strong determination against this project. This technocratic project is far far […]


Press Release : for a Reunified Brittany and breton in TV !

Since the beginning of the year Brittany has become the symbol of the growing anger in the hexagone. Events culminated last month with a 10,000-strong peaceful protest of Breton people on the streets of Nantes asking for the reunification of Brittany. Brittany lost its former capital city and the department of Loire-Atlantique in 1941. The […]


BOOM Ai’ta! – 8/06/2014

All on the roof of the Monts d’Arrée… June 8, 2014! BOOM , For a real channel in our language ! We, Bretons, can have the media we need ! Youngsters or silver haired, we’re expecting you. And to have the time of your life, don’t forget to get dressed up to the 70… Everyone […]


Inauguration of the South Brittany University Campus (UBS) in Gwened/Vannes (Brittany)…

On Friday October 4th local elected representatives celebrated the official inauguration of the new buildings of the Campus of Tohanig/Tohannic in Gwened/Vannes, welcoming the Faculty of Law, Economic Sciences and Management as well as the Institute of Nurse’s Training. New monolingual signs (in french only) had also been erected on the whole campus for this […]

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